The mysterious case: VIPs

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Unlike on most other servers, you cannot buy a VIP (Premium) for real money. We decided a long time ago not to accept real money from users. One reason for this is the legal situation and another reason is our conscience, because not everyone has the possibility or doesn't want it.

The only condition to get the rank: Fun playing mini-games!

With us you can buy VIP at the spawn in the lobby. For this you need ingame tokens (coins), which you can get by playing minigames, by giveaways, by a generous friend or by the daily rewards.

Our goal was to create a rank that is not too often present on the server and provides cool features. You can find a rights overview below.

How much does the rank cost?
  • VIP for one day: 400 Tokens
  • VIP for one week: 1650 Tokens
  • VIP for one month: 3800 Tokens
You have the possibility to buy the rank for yourself or to give it away.

VIP Rank
  • Teamspeak³ Rank “VIP“ – (Only for Lifetime VIP!!)
    • Own channel to talk or to enjoy a bit of peace
  • Minecraft Rank “VIP“
    • All lobby cosmetics (particles, gadgets, effects, boots)
    • Give someone up to 500 Tokens every 10 minutes (/pay <name> <total>)
    • Join full rounds
    • Golden “VIP“ prefix in the chat and the tablist
    • Gold colored blocks in tnt run
    • Gold colored Chestplate in KnockbackPVP/KnockbackFFA
    • Worldedit permission in plotworld

If you have any questions regarding VIP Rank, please contact TeamSpeak³ Support at any time.
TeamSpeak³ IP:

We hope that we have now brought the rank closer to you and wish all players lots of fun and success on!
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