Staff report


Neuer Nutzer
Feb 21, 2021
Hi I'm Nitric I would like to report the staff member OkSalty
UUID: 363a08fa-e541-4700-8690-984391967f37
IGN: OkSalty
Sub Server: Fast bridge short-1

Rule Break: Ok so I was asking OkSalty some question they were just random questions and mostly silly. I was just having fun he didn't tell me to stop then he sends a message saying "Bro I'm this close to muting you dude stop asking silly questions" as I just sent a question as a carry on to my last and he then mutes me for "Provocating" which was not my intention I was just messing around with them and had no intention of making them annoyed. I then ask him why he muted me for no reason and he tries to leave the party. Then he unmutes me and says not to do it again, I was never meant to get muted in the first place.

If I didn't say anything to him after I got muted I would have stayed muted and I don't want this to happen to other players.

Edit: I also understand they are a new staff member to this community and they may not have the experience of dealing with that situation before


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