Practice V2


Neuer Nutzer
Jun 22, 2022
For which game mode?
ok so my idea is um you add explains and tutorials on how to speed telly, chain tellies, and timings

what I mean is: that you select a bridging method to learn and it gives you two choices,

First Choice: Explains And How It works

Second Choice: is doing it what I mean is like telly at first hold jump (or tap it you can add whatever you want) then turn smooth turn when you turn too quick or too slow it resets then it tell you now place blocks then press jump and repeating it till you finish it (add practice V2 on the menu)
also, add a stopping and not going to the void and finishing it and still learning it and add also with the void so it could be easier for people

add credits shark made me do this pls (:

this will help people do bridges very easy and consistently and it will only take 2 weeks to telly instead of 2 months which helps people so much and it's a great idea that will gather more people to practice :D

also, add this to bridging methods: Ninja bridge, Godbridge, Moonwalk, breezily, Andromeda ( i mean if possible (:) witchly, Telly, Speed telly (Holding) Speed telly (Chain)
Also, Add How to do 4b flat, 5b 6b

This Was My Idea it will gather more and more people when you add it cause there's no server with this idea so pls :D

Again Pls Credits: Shark