Rejected NotReem's Supporter Application

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Neuer Nutzer
Mar 1, 2021
  • Name (Ingame) NotReem
  • Where are you from? (Country is more than enough -> Needed for time zone differences) U.S (EST)
  • For what do you want to apply? (Minecraft/Teamspeak) Minecraft
  • Small description about you (At least 500 characters) I am a caring person that loves to help people, i'm a new java coder and I code for free unless offered payment, I used to be a skript coder helping servers every day for free without any payment. I am a great bridger and I grind every single day, I hope to get the world record soon, I am currently working on chained speed tellies, my next pb on short will most likely be with 1 telly 2 speeds 1 telly 2 speeds. I am working to get full speed very soon and I hope I can, aside bridging I love helping people as I said above and if I was supporter I believe that I could help out a lot. I know i've been muted a lot but I'm different now, I haven't been muted since like march and I won't be muted again.
  • Why do you want to apply for staff at us? I want to apply for staff because I love this server and I play all day every single day, if I was staff since i'm so active no hacker will be able to get past me, I play every gamemode on fastbuilder every single day and I believe i'm a perfect fit for the staff team.
  • How long do you know our server? I've been playing on your server since the middle of 2020 I believe.
  • Your previous experience in being a staff member (if any) I've been staff as a dev and java coder on a server, I quit the team though, I have no other distractions to make me quit if I am accepted.
  • Contact options (e.g. Teamspeak or Discord) Discord: Reem#4476 OR Reem#8901 (Main is Reem#8901) I made a new discord account to clear my friends and servers.
  • Your online times I have 520 hours of playtime and I am on all day every day.
  • Also, If i am muted even once during the time you take to reply I will gladly accept a denial.
Not open for further replies.