Mar 10, 2020
Hey guys, its me again: rq4_
So i play a lot of MLG-Rush on this Server as well as on many others and i thought that you guys maybe like a "new" kind of Map.
Its theme is "Mine" my idea behind that map was the give the Player a more like Rocky experience. The map also comes with a Red sandstone Rushing/Pushing Line what
makes the map stand a bit out. Now to the best part Compared to other maps it is more important for the player to really see the map at its finest. The other maps are pretty similar and it can get boring fast. You could discuss weather you guys like the idea or not.
My Strongest Argument for you to accept my map is: it is pretty good against stacking cause a quarter of the Bed is covered and "hidden" behind some rocks and the mine so players can get a good position against stackers in a serious fight.
There is Nothing to worry about the map cause if people would jump on the slabs that are placed below the map then it would bring them nothing since opponent can just break the Bed.
i also made an example Picture of what the map "could" look like when being played. (picture: 3.)
Note:Screenshots where made with no texturepack or Shader!


Plot: /Plot visit Byqon 2
Plot id: 3;46
Plot Cords: x = 620 Z = 11639
Map Build by: rq4_, Ahol, LinusDFDF, DeinPigeon, zLodi

I hope i was able to get your Vote on my Map! :D


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