Read me! How do I describe my game mode correctly? (EN)

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sate sate sate
May 19, 2020
You have a game mode idea?
Then you're in the right place, I'll explain in this post what we need to know about your game mode to convert it.

In general we need a concept, which has to say:
  • Game mode name
  • an explanation of the mode (detailed)
  • Gameplay (if possible go through everything, if a player leavs etc.)
  • Items (with enchantment, if any)
  • Map structure (possibly a screenshot of a map)
  • Player count
Don't be sad if your game mode is not included. Greev is a server with a lot of game modes, so we can't just put any mode of yours on the server. We also need the server resources to make your game mode first.

If you want to have the game mode of another server, we would need a concept anyway, possibly also things that you want or would improve. It would be great if you would specify the server, so that we do not get into trouble with them.

I wish you much success!

Your leadership team. <3
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