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Aug 21, 2016


1) We only support the Minecraft Java Vanilla version! Any other client is to be used at your own responsibility!
Yes, you may continue to use your client as long as it does not give you an unfair advantage over other users. Visual adjustments, such as cosmetics, are allowed. If your client offers the possibility to intervene in the game, these functions have to be deactivated. If deactivation is not possible, we recommend that you do not use this client. If you use a client, including functions of the Bedrock edition, you have to expect that you will be banned from the network if you use it unfairly.

2. Appropriate behavior is expected.
Under appropriate chat behavior we include, but are not limited to:
- Insults
- Propaganda
- Spamming
- National socialist behavior
- etc.

3. Every user must be respected
You are to respect each and every user and their creations on the server. Therefore, you are not allowed to do the following things, among others, but not exclusively:
- Griefing / Intentionally destroying other players' builds. (Only in the Plotworld)
- Cheating of any kind
- Kicking users out of rounds with the VIP rank by joining a round more often than necessary.
- Any kind of trolling

4. Misleading, offensive or insulting names, clan tags, skins, etc. are not allowed.
- Any spelling of an insult, especially when used to harm others.
- Skins without clothing and with clearly identifiable gender markers.
- When impersonating a person you are not and thereby deceiving or harming others.
- When using a name or clan tags to provoke publicity.
- etc.

5. Exploiting errors and bugs of any kind is not allowed.
If you have found a bug, please report it as soon as possible in the Forum or in the Discord so that we can fix it.

6. Pushing stats is not allowed!
It is not allowed to boost your own stats by killing other players, who are AFK, unnecessarily often.
The same applies when using a second account, a friend's account, or the like.

7. Teaming is not allowed unless explicitly permitted.
It means that in games with teams within it is naturally allowed to cooperate. Cooperation with players from another team, on the other hand, is not allowed.
In games without teams, you are not allowed to team up unless required by the gameplay, such as in Murder.

8. Spawntrapping is not allowed unless required by gameplay.
If, as an example, you want to dismantle the enemy bed in BedWars, you are allowed to spawn in and even kill enemies at spawn for as long as you need to dismantle their bed. However, should you intentionally not dismantle the bed, despite the obvious possibility, this again is not allowed.

9. Each user is responsible for their own account.
If you share your account with a friend, sibling, or anyone else and they hack or otherwise violate a rule, we will penalize the account and not remove that penalty.

10. Exposure of nicked players / team members is prohibited.
The server team wants to help you by kicking or banning players from rounds if they break the rules.
However, if you now expose the cover of the team members, you will make their job harder and possibly even make users who break the rules stop doing it and thus can't be punished anymore.

11. AutoClicker is forbidden
A button corresponds to an action ingame. An example of what would not be allowed according to the rule: hitting may not be placed on more than one key.
One action in "RealLife" (with the hand) corresponds to a maximum of one action ingame. Thus, for example, double-click buttons are forbidden, as well as hitting with the mouse wheel.
Aids, such as electric toothbrushes or 2 mice, etc. are forbidden, as these also create an unfair advantage.

12. Advertising is not allowed
Server addresses and names for a Minecraft or Discord server may only be shared via "/msg" as long as it is not used to "poach" players.

Players with a social media rank (Premium+, Youtuber and Streamer), are allowed to draw attention to their livestream every 30 minutes. Streamers without a rank are allowed to do so every 60 minutes. Players without social media rank are not allowed to write a link, at most the name of the channel and the platform.

13. Bypassing an active penalty is not allowed.
It is not allowed to bypass an active penalty, be it a mute or ban, using a secondary account, of any kind. Bypassing a penalty will be penalized immediately upon discovery of such bypass.

14. Team members have the right of instruction, which allows them to punish users at any time at their own discretion.
Because many players are always looking for ways to find gray areas in our rules, we have included this rule.
Team members are not allowed to take advantage of this rule, of course. If a team member exploits this rule, please report it in the forum.

The fine print:
Ignorance is no excuse!
The rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
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