Accepted Ban Appeal


Neuer Nutzer
Feb 23, 2021
I got banned 2-3 months ago for using scaffold and auto clicker. The reason I used those mods was that I wanted a server to cheat on, I always played on other servers instead but really wanted to cheat on them. I knew greev had fastbridge so I just used that as a server to cheat on. But Greev now has lots of gamemodes that are far better than others, like clutching; and I actually want to play legit now. I know it is a really bad reason to cheat, but I had nothing to do until now on the server. I didn't have a reason to play on the server until now, which is why I am appealing almost 3 months later after my ban. I would never cheat again.

Ban ID: 23311

My ingame name: iMoonwalkBridger

Date and time: I have no idea, it was most likely over 2 months ago.

Reason: Client-Modification

Duration: Permanent

(I know its a bad appeal, but I hope you understand I only cheated because I had no reason to play then, and I will and won't ever cheat again, have a good night.)