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    Hey @Lcso You can find the YouTube requirements here Now we come to your second question, no, you can not get the YouTuber rank with TikTok followers. Hope I could answer your question. With kind regards leDome
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    Is bloody a90 worth it

    Hey @rokolsgamingyt this is only the support around the server so we can not answer this question unfortunately. With kind regards leDome
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    how do i join the server?

    Hey @Niniian248 you can join our server with the ip then you go into the compas and onto the stairs. I hope I could answer your question with this. have a nice day and have fun on
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    Hii c:

    Hii c:
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    Bist du der Echte? :o

    Bist du der Echte? :o
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    Server port

    Hey @Firevarnelo how @kayliee2 already said you can only join with the official java version of Mojang.
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    Moin, Ich bin _Dxme und bin hier aktuell noch Test-Supporter :D Mit freundlichen Grüßen _Dxme